I have just woke up and belive me, i have a headache the size of Wyoming. The karaoke wasnt really karaoke, it was more, sit at a bar and watch the world go by.

So i leave for home today and its a long flight with a very long lay over in Doha.

This has been a great vacation and it is one I will remember for a long time.

I really do recommend that if anyone would like to try something new, visit Vietnam.

The people, food, scenery, hospitality, all fantastic.

The hotels were really nice, cheap too.

Its also very easy to get around here and get around i did.

I think in these two weeks, I have ridden on a Cyklo, Taxi, Motor Boat, Rowing Boat, Horse (Remember Sugarfoot?) Bicycle,  Train, Scooter (Wooo Hooo)

I have seen and been able to share some amazing sights and experiences,, Balcony,, lol. Ha Long Bay, Hoi An,,, lots of great memories to chew over.

I think My fave place has to be,,,, Hoi Anh just because of how hospitable and friendly the people are. The most magnificent has to be Ha Long bay.

The most intersting was possibly my first night in Ho Chi Minh and the shortest stay is by far the 30 minutes i stayed in Hanoi.

I have the better part of today to wander around and if anything happens lke a massive pile up with the 8,000,000 scooters I will grab a picture and post it. same goes for Doha and the rest of the trip home.

But for now, i will post this and we will see what happens.

You lot be good and take care.

Oh. What about the little man in the boat?

Well, i kinda failed my mission and thats ok. It just means I will need to try harder to find him the next time i come here and there will be a next time.

However, I did manage to get this picture. The little man in the boat had the day off when i came by, his wife was taking care of the boat and was cleaning out his fishing gear for him.

This is by far my fave picture.

My fave picture.










And that was it more or less.

Thank you all for joining me on this trip. I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me.

Dont delete this blog though, there are parts of this country i didnt get to and i really want to visit those parts.

Part 2 of the search for the little man in the boat will come soon I hope.

Take care all.