Well possums, the invetible happened.

I lost my camera,,, but lets not lose hope, I still have two more days here in HCM, plenty of time to buy a little camera.

A little bit later I will post some pictures I have been saving of some VN food, they do have a great menu here.

Ranging from vegetarian to the wierd and maybe not so wonderful, but the dishes i will post are all basic meals you could find in a western restaurant but with a VN twist. Great food, happy campers.

Tonight I will try out the local disco, I know what your thinking.

Its more a club karaoke bar thing. Hey. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Life is good even if i am one camera down.

Oh as for the little man in the boat,,, I dont think i will find him in the karaoke bar but i am still searching.

Have faith my friends, have faith.

By the way, i did another balcony shindig,,, it was really torrential rains yesterday and I went out to the balcony to try to catch the lightning,, as the door was closing i ran back up the stairs to catch it before it closed and slipped in the wet marble stairs and done my shin in something terrible.

But as they say in Kentucky.

Stop being a whimp, Its far from your butt, you wont sit on it.


Pictures later possums.