Rightio my little clam pickers basking on a hot summer day.

So i lost my camera, no big deal.

I have a little stock saved up also a couple i took on someone elses camera.

The first of these pictures are apartments in HCM, it also applies to houses in general in VN.

Property is very expensive here, well more to the point it is not the property that is expensive its the land they build the houses on.

So, where as we would buy a piece of land and build a 2 floor villa, they buy a narrow piece of land and build long and up. Very few windows on the sides of the houses because they know that sooner or later someone will buy the 15 yards beside their house and build upwards.. So, long and narrow with windows only at front and back. Works for them.

Ben Than market,, you can buy just about anything here from trinkets to really nice fakes, Ralph Loren and Burberry being amongst the fave rags here. The locals in the market dont really like to be photographed,, I wonder why. Anyway i was stopped a few times and asked not to take any more pictures. No problem.

Food. Yummy,, a nice subject.

Everything here is well prepared and most of it actually tastes a little better than back home. Vegetable soup has a nice little chilli swing in it. Chicken with Onoins, doesnt have so much of the Onion flavour and more Chicken. Same with Beef and Onio.

You get the obligatory Soya and Chilli sauce with everything,, just to spice it up you know.

Spinach, incredibly fresh, Shrimp and Chicken soup, strange combo? It works and you can differenciate the two tastes, its not like they merge into something undescribable.

Honey tea,,, this picture was from the Mekong, with the honey farm. She made tea with honey, ok nothing new there but the honey was fresh from the hive and it was delicious, twist if lime,, now there is the dealio right there, i dont think we would do the lime thing and make a squish of Lemon instead… This tea was amazing.

Clams,, yes i tried them, this meal was in Ha Long and as fresh as it gets.. Yummy.

The intersting one is the picture of fruit, Pineapple, Mango and Something else,,, (sorry cant remember it all) Anyway, in the small dish is salt and chilli, you take the fruit piece and dip it in the salt and chilli,,, It really brings out the flavour of the fruit and gives your gob a new sensational taste. Yummylicious folks.

Chicken and Rice, basic staple diet of the Vietnamese.

They eat really well for breakfast and lay off as the day goes on. Its not a wonder they are all so slim and slender,, we do it backwards and have a great big evening meal. They have all day to work off the breakfast whereas we only have a few hours to work off the evening meal.

Then of  course there was the torrential storm.

I knew this was the rainy season but to be honest, apart from the Balcony escapade i have seen very little rain. Till yesterday that is. it was belting down for about an hour. So i decided to go out on the 10th floor balcony to take a picture, yada yada,, the rest is history and my shin looks like i have been playing Soccer against Lochee Harp.

Anyway there is a couple of pictures of the rain. Dont ask me why, because i am sure you lot have had your fair share of rain this year already. But i discovered something,, when the downpour comes, the scooters disappear, only the hardened scooter riders stayed on the roads.. Kamikazes.

The rain was at 4pm yesterday and it just got pitch black for about an hour. Then daylight then the night darkness.. Strange feling.

Free parking, in a city of 10,000,000 with 8,000,000 scooters, you need a break sometime.

Anyway, good news,, I bought a new camera.. 1,900,000 Dong, Woo hoo sounds like a lot of cash but its only about $100, i know i am a cheap bugger,, so maybe i will be able to get some pics from the karaoke bar tonight,, Y.M.C.A….. lol….