Good morning my Santas little helper type people.

Well, its nearing the end as you all know i have now travelled from the South to the North like i said i would and we have laughed a little cried a little and then laighed a litle more when i got stuck on the roof…..

Lol, its been fun a lot of fun folks, it has also been a bit educational too. But before we close the doors, there is still another few days left to go and i did promise you a special collection of pictures i have been saving… I will maybe post them tomorrow.

But for today…

I am back in Ho Chi Minh, met at the airport and as you can see by the second picture, Im a kinda big deal around these parts. lol.

Its pretty strange, I didnt really think i would be happy to be back in HCM but i was, even with the controlled madness of all the scooters. Its a fun city and a very much alive city. Its fun to be here.

So today i took a trip down the Mekon River to a part of the Mekon Delta.

The Mekon River for those of us not in the know starts its journey in Tibet and flows through, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and then through the length of Vietnam, this was the light brown river we saw from the plane last week. It then disappears out into the South China Seas and takes a lot of stories and history with it. The VN people living around the Mekon and the Delta, live and die by the river and never venture far away from it. The delta is home to some 8,000,000 people and judging by what i saw today it isnt an easy life they lead but once again they seem to be happy with their lot in life and just get on with it.

Lots of different adventures today,, Motor Boat, Rowing Boat, Horse (Me and Sugarfoot are good friends now, we werent when it took off like a dog out of trap 6 but we squared up our differences and get along quite nicely now), Bicycle, Honey farm, Candy making, Snake (Yuk) and of course a rich assortment of local flowers. Oh as you will see i traded in the Crash helmet for a more suited attire for the Mekon Delta, its all about setting trends you know.

The bicyle, we were like 10 people making a bike ride through the Jungle and my chain fell off. I had to fix it but by the time i got it up and running again the group had left me. I was like, wtf another roof story in the making? Lucky for me, they came back or i may have still been stuck out there.

At the time of writing this i am back in HCM, going to have a shower and head out for some food.

You lot take care and enjoy the pictures. I think the snake wanted to get to know me better,,, Yuk!


Life is good and it is plentyful.