Good morning my little shoe shine people.

I hope this blog finds you all in extremely good health. Me? oh I am glad you asked,, well apart from being totally exhausted i managed to burn my shoulders big time yesterday,, but it was all worth it.

The bay in itself is home to around 2000 islands mainly made of Limestone and the bay has been adopted into Unesco World Heritage Places, not once but twice, 1994 and 2000.

To let you know where it is, it is rouhgly 200 Kilometers from China and right at the North of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The town of Ha Long is a very  nice little town very similar to any small town on the mediteranian. Lots of sea food restaurants and the usual markets and scooters, beep beep.

The trip out was very early in the morning, the boat to us to a cave first, it was very impressive allthough I am not really that into caves.

After the cave we went further into the bay. The sun was very hazy making it difficult for good pictures plus I managed to pick up something on the lens of my camera giving it a little black line. Sounds like i am making excuses now for bad pictures but in all fairness no pictures can do this bay any justice.

These pictures are a little mixed up but there are some of thre cave, the bay, the little flowting fishing village where they locals on my boat bought in abundance,, what they bought was cooked on the boat. There were also smaller boats coming up to us selling, fruit, seafood…


Beauty on Earth.


Ok possums, it took me ages to upload this lot, there will be more in a few hours,,

See you later, I need to go get my burnt shoulders rubbed.