Happy campers, walmart shoppers, munchkins, possums.

I really dont know what to say.

I am speechless. I have never experienced anywere in this world so beautiful as this place.

Its extremely difficult to put into words what i felt as I could see this bay unravel itself  through the sunny haze.

There will be pictures but unfortunately the pictures dont do this bay any justice.

I can say this though, when I see natural beauty like this, I know I am alive and I know i want more.

I want you all to be here. I want you all to experience what i experienced today.

Once again the vietnamese people have shone through and shown me just what hospitality and new found friendship  means. I used to think Scottish people get it. The Vietnamese really get it.

Life is good, tomorrow Ha Long bay, pictures, I am sunburnt and i need to process todays impressions, if i cant do this place justice in pictures, i want to think about how i can best explain this place in words.


Toodle pip.,