Good morning campers.

I would like to take this moment in time to thank you all for your kind thoughts and sympathy wishes after my ordeal on the roof next door to the hotel.
Bunch of sarcastic b’stards….

Looking back on it it is kinda funny. Its all good and life is fun.

I know I said I would post pictures from Hue,, I just didnt get around to it yet but they will come up today.

Since the rooftop dealio I have travelled again,, 16 hour train ride to Hanoi. That in itself was a trip, and believe me there is a whole world of difference betwen economy and first class. After the 16 hour train ride i took a 4 hour taxi ride, you will never guess where I am now,  but i will give you a clue, it is as beautiful as i thought and hoped it would be

More on that later,, right now I need to get booked into this hotel and have a shower….

No more rooftop stories for you lot,,, funny buggers.

Toodle pip,, or as they say where I am now, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life.