Howdie doodie my little munchkins.

I hope you are all as well as can be.

This is Kim, the kid who i kidnapped along with his scooter and forced him to take me to the pagoda,, Dont worry, I took him for Pizza and coke after and gave him 200000 dong for the pleasure,, nice kid. Interesting too. never had any formal education but now learning to be a chef and going to night school.


Kim, happily kidnapped by a mad Scotsman wielding a pizza and some dong.











Here is the pagoda and some art that was dotted around the site.. Unfortunately it gets dark REALLY quick here,, the first picture is me n Kim doing the Evil Knevil stuff the second picture is the Perfume River.




















The pagoda and grounds.







































































































Well, thats it for now. Look out for the next post, blacony, train ride, 2 princessess, 4 hour taxi. im going to eat.