I dont think were in Kansas any more Toto.

So, after my escapade on the balcony and roof and having to be rescued by the neighbours……

The infamous door and balcony













Where i had to climb.













Top of railing and wall.













The roof where i got stuck with the door still open where the family rescued me...














See, you are not laughing now are you? lol.

Anyway after making a grade  24 karat plonker of myself i decided to head of to Hanoi, Vietnams Capital city. I wasnt really sure of what to expect and had no expectations whatsoever so i booked  a train ticket. 16 hours it was to take, i was like wtf? its only 700 kilometers away, but anyway, when in Rome do as the Romans do. I went luxury style and bought an air conditioned cabin for four. Woo hoo. I was actually toying with the idea of going local style.  The train came in the station and i got on, found my cabin no problem and it wasnt really luxury style but compared to the other alternatives…. Second class sleeper, air condition, second class sleeper no ac. Soft seat ac, soft seat no ac, hard seat ac, hard seat no ac. Yes hard seat… take a look at these pictures.


Train to Hanoi arriving at Hue station











Hard seat no ac from the outside...











Hard seat no ac....













Hard seat ac.











I have to say at one point it did look pretty rough in the hard seat wagons with people trying to sleep wherever they could, even if it was on the floor, but in all fairness i also have to say that not all passengers were too worried about the hard seats. The two princesses.


Hard seat not bother us.











Big smiles.











I couldnt sleep on the train so i tried to take some pictures through the windows,,, it wasnt easy but here goes.



I dont really know if that worked but it was pictures of the Vn countryside as i passed by on the train.

By the time i got to Hanoi at 4:00 am i was extremely tired and wasnt really in the mood for the usual 500 taxi drivers pulling and shoving so i made an executive decision,, picked a driver and asked him how much to XX XXXX XXX? He said 1400000 dong. I took it and we left the madness of Hanoi behind me.


Hanoi train Station, goodbye Hanoi.










So we headed off,,, after about 4 hours we reached our destination, the most beautiful place on this planet. Ha Long bay.

Possums, this place is so beautiful, i am afraid i wont be able to do it any justice with my little crap camera but i will try tomorrow because im going out to the islands.

My hotel is a cool one high on a hill, murder to walk up but with a great view over the Bay.

I cant wait till tomorrow, still no little man in a boat though, should i be worried?