So you unsympathetic bunch,,,

I am owe you some pictures from Hue. I left Hoi An with a private driver, went really well. I slept most of the way. I did however manage to click a couple of pictures though. Then it was onto Hue.

Hue was the Ancient capital of Vietnam up till 1945 when the then Emperor Bao dai abdicated in favour of Ho Chi Minh (the person) revolutionary govenrment.  The city went through tough times during the Vietnam War, when it was conquered by the Viet Cong and held for 24 days, during which the VC slaughtered around 1,000 people suspected of sympathizing with the South, and then subject to an American bombing campaign to retake the city. It is not the nicest of cities and the ancient palace in the forbidden city is mainly not in very good shape.

Their is a river flowing through Hue, the perfume river and unfortunately in places its not very nice with some rubbish gathering here and there.

Anyway that being said, these pictures are from the Imperial palace and later a pagoda i went to visit, i caught a good picture of the river though at the pagoda,,,,,

I didnt manage to get out to the tombs of the kings, which i wanted too it just gets way too dark way too quick here. I did however manage to get on a cyclo,,,, this was hard work for the guy, i also managed to talk a young lad into taking me on his scooter to the pagoda…

I love Vietnam.

From Hoi An to Hue










Ahh fun in the rice fields.










I am on my cyclo now and this is a house on the perfume river.











Boat on the perfume river, look at the fire on the street, more about that later











Gateway leading to inside the fobidden city.













Inside forbidden city,, wall of Imperial palace.












Street inside Forbidden city,, fire on street.















































The front door of the Imperial palace










This is where me and my trusted cyclo dude part ways. he 150000 dong the richer, me very happy I didnt have to walk all the way around the forbidden city to get to the front door. It was very hot that day.












No we go into the Imperial palce, unfortunately a lot of it is in ruins. It would be very nice if they restored it to its former glory and they are trying but times are hard and the cash just isnt readily available.

Imperial palace and grounds.


























































































The Vn family of the day, the Than's from Da Lat

































































Little boat, no man.














































Slave, bring me 500 young maidens from the town and make sure they have big muscles and massive banana leaves.. Its hot today and i need cooling down.















So that was the Imperial palace and grounds… Oh yes the fires…











Today was the day the Vietnamese people remember their men and women who fell during all the conflicts and wars. They celebrate their memory by burning fires, mainly at the side of the street.

Possums,, thats it for now. Later todayi will post about the kid & scooter i kidnapped to go to the pagoda. Nice kid interesting too. Im off to the beach.


Toodle pip.