Good morning my little berry pickers.


So, I left Hoi An and headed off for the ancient city of Hue. It was once the capital of Vietnam where the kings ruled from. The Imperial Palace in the forbidden city is well worth a visit but unfortunately Hue is not the nicest town I have visited.

I did manage to get a ride on one of the bicucle things and have a ride on a scooter out to see a Pagoda which was really nice.

Later in the evening I decided to go for a couple of pints of the local ale. Tiger Draught. ts not that bad actually.

This is when the fun begins.

I gets back to my hotel. has a shower and thinks,,, I will have a nice little cigarette on the balcony before I sleep.

It was raining but nice anyway so there I am in my boxers tugging away on my ever so cool cigarette and  the balcony door shuts behind me.

It only opens from the inside of the room, so their I am doing a Scott Douglass. Locked out in my boxers, but this time i am on the outside of the hotel and two floors up.

I stood there shouting for help for about an hour,,,, nothing.

So Mr Einstein here  decides to climb over the balcony railing to the wall beside, onto the roof of the next buidling and hopefully try to get in and down so i can get in the front door of the hotel.

The first part was easy enough getting on the roof but then I got stuck.

So now I am on the roof of a house in my boxers in the pouring rain half expecting to be arrested… Another hour of HELP passes then the family wakes up, comes up to the roof to find a pretty miffed Scotsman in his boxers in the pouring rain, they dont speak English and I am half naked,,, not a pretty sight…

Nedless to say they let me go through their house to get to the hotel.

Tiger Draught beer indeed!

There are pictures from the Imperial city but they will be posted later.

Have fun all.