Good morning my fun loving fluffy bunnies

Its 6:00 am,  another early morning. Travel day today.

Hope this blog finds you all well and as happy doing whatever it is you do.Its with great sadness i say goodbye to Hoi An today. Yes time to move on.

I didnt get to the beach yesterday afternoon but thats ok, it was spent drinking coffee, and wandering around a part of town i hadnt been in before, going for another massage and ending up in a bar with a really nice couple from down under.

I did manage to click a couple of photos tho as you will see below.

Before doing my daily walkabout I did wander over to see if i could even the score with the Cock a Doodle Doodler but he was no where to be seen but i did see this strange sight.

The only explanation i can come up with for this one is.... This must have been the last guest who couldnt sleep because of the cock a doodler and he decided to jump off the roof and end it all but unfortunately landed head first.
















Great colors.










On my wander into the part of town i handt been to yet i came acros these girls working away in these two workshops. It was nice to see they dont work in dimly lit laces and they all seemed to be enjoying their work. The first one is a tailors where they were making clothes, the second is an embrodery arty kinda place where they were making ,,, well embroydered art.

The tailors at work.










Or is it Seamstresses.









Embroydered pictures being made. 2 girls to a picture.



































And the last one of yesterday as I was leaving the bar down by the river at midnight…

See you again, Hoi An










And that was it for Hoi An. I have to get myself some brakfast for a three hour trip to my next stop which is the ancient capital of Vietnam, Hue.

As soon as i get there I will get some pics and make a blog or two.

Have a nice day y,all.