Good morning Walmart shoppers.

I hope you are all as well as well can be. I have been getting a few comments here and there and Its really nice to know you guys are following this.

I am off back to Twi this morning to see my clothes but before i go i thought i would post some more pictures from yesterday in Hoi An.











Everyone is happy. I think they must know something i dont.













Bhudist temple.













































I love these lanterns.












This next girl was great.

Hello Mister, where you from?

Me, Scotland.

Girl, is that England?

Me, close enough.

Girl,  good, can you come here and tell me how to say this word?

She was sitting on the doorstep catching tourists as they went by so they could help her with her English, now thats smart.







































Still no little man in a boat.


























Grilled potato cakes.


































































The river thingies, lit at night,, sorry bout the bad quality.











And there you have it, im all caught up.

Its now 08:10 am and todays menu is quite simple.

Pedicure and manicure 09:00

Tailors 10:00

Massage 11:00

Sunbathe 12:00

Rest of the day, well who knows.

More later.