Hello my lovely pieces of eight!

I really hope your all well wherever you are.

Me? i am glad you asked, well i am still in Hoi An and loving it.

Today was pamper Robert day, it started off with a pedicure, right into a manicure then next door for the massage. I have never felt this good in my entire life. Sweet stuff.

So, as it happens i was in town very early. I was even done with the pamper Robert stuff nice and early so i decided to venture a little bit further afield and promptly proceeded to get lost. But in all fairness your never really lost in a small town but lets just say i got lost.

As luck would have it I managed to get some really nice pictures today of the locals doing what they do with no disturbance from me.

I have been very good about trying local food as i want to experience it all  but the coffee is a tad different so i have not been able to get a cup of coffee. That was till today, i found a coffee shop that had great cakes, great coffee and as per usual it was service with a smile.

These people smile a lot and it is now becoming very contagious, I find myself saying hello to everyone and smiling like a buffoon while I do it. Its great.

Oh, i did my Evil Knevil bit today and hired a sccoter (the preffered mode of transport in Vietnam) I dont think I could do it in a  big city but there is enough room in Hoi An for scooterage.

My shoes: I picked up my made to measure hand made shoes today, they fit like a glove and i am as happy as a kid on Christmas day. The young lady who made them was also very happy at the result. I looked in on Twi and the clothes, coming along nicely or as they say in certain parts of Vietnam, Bob’s yer Uncle.

Luvvly Jubbly me old pieces of eight.

Possusm, pictures of the day.

Old ladis selling fish and veg.










Noodles drying in the sun, a Hoi An Speciality













Water lilly flowering in a nice pot.












I am sure these two ladies follow me around all day











Primitive vehicles,,, sounds like most of the cars i have owned.











Making Lanterns.










Preparing veggies for tonights meal.










Scaffolding. Honey i fixed it, #2










Little old man, no boat.












Inside a temple










The temple










The Pencil Sharpener, Honey i fixed it #3. Just joking, he makes really neat little wood instruments.













Dont dare diss the helmet. The other one was pink.










The Heavens opened and the Angels rejoiced in glorious jubilation as the Cafe Latte appeared as if by a miracle, acompanied by a very tasty coconut tart.












One very talleneted young shoemaker. Handing over to one extremely happy new owner.