Good day to you my little cherry blossoms.

I woke up this morning (well to be honest, i had decided and booked everything last night) But if i say i woke up this monring, it sounds kinda bluesyish.

Flight, Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang, lets do it.

I was on the 10:50 from Ho Chi minh and at exactly 10:55 we were just about to take a left on Runway L25 headed into the unknown.

Runway L 25












Ok Da Nang and Hoi An are not exactly unknown, if you look on the map they are kinda situated on the east coast of Vietnam and roughly half way up. The flight cost 32 GBP, cheap as chips. Jet Star Pacific. I dont know why they dont just call it Runway 1, its the only one.  Anyway, sounds like i am complaining now and far from it, i am as happy as a pensioner at the Bingo on a Sunday night. I managed to click off a couple of pictures of HCM from above, not the best quality but,,,,


HCM from above, little less congested than from street level.











HCM from above 2










The flight went really well and as we got closer to Da Nang, the clouds started to break a little and i was able to take some pictures out of the planes window.

HCM - Da Nang from the plane











Some more from above.

HCM - Da Nang from the plane 2












HCM - Da Nang from the plane 3










HCM - Da Nang from the plane 4












HCM - Da Nang from the plane 5, you can make out the Rice Fields.













After arriving in da nang, i made the executive decision to head right out to Hoi An, I booked the hotel last night and what a doozie it is,,

View from my room looking over the small courtyard.













Bueatiful room, with mossie netting over the bed. Sweet.













Hoi An is such a sweet little town and the people here are very friendly. Not only the ones trying to get your custom (more on this in a sec) but everyone you meet.

Hoi An is where all the tailors are and where i want to have some clothes made. Woo Hoo.

So I walked around this very nice little town and out of the 600 or so tailors with the finest materials this side of the Mississippi, i opted for  one.

I ordered 3 shirts, 2 tops, 5 boxers, 2 pairs of trousers and next door a pair of shoes, all made to measure just for me… Cool eh. Dirt cheap too. I spent about 150 USD all hand made.

I often worndered what Hand Made meant. Like is there an alternative,, made by feet only!

So, here is the lovely young lass who will be making my clothes, her name is Twi. She had to take me on her scooter to another store to find some material i wanted.

Twi, holding the white waistcoat.










Me n Twi heading of into the sunset, ok, heading off to the other material shop.









The girl looking down at the table will be making my shoes.












Folks, i have so many pictures from today and it is hard to upload them all so i will post this and then make another Hoi An post tomorrow but before i leave you all (heading out to sample the local ales) i want to leave you with this thought.  For people who dont have much they certainly have a lot of warmth and love in their lives and not only for themselves but for total strangers too.

I love Vietnam and I love the people, this is my Vn family of the day. the Nguyen family.

The Nguyen family from Hoi An.












Ok i couldnt resist, just one more.

Old lady Trantho just sitting basking in the afternoon sun, life is good when it is this simple.

Ahhh, life is good.