Vung tau 2.

I kinda screwed up my post about Vung tau so i decided to delete and do it again, ish

G’day my bloggy type people.

Today I decided to get out of the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh and her 2 stroke scooters and took a boat trip on the Saigon river to a town on the edge of the South Chia Sea, Vung Tau.

On the way to the boat i saw this interesting electrical nightmare.

Like where are the birds going to sit?

Errrrr Bert, where did you put number 35's cable?

So i gets me to the boat terminal and I met some really nice people, especially the owners of this funny little kid.

One cool dude in the making. Love the spectacles.

The trip down the river was really nice, the weather was a bit dodgy but none the less great to get out of HCM. Dont get me wrong, i am begining to love the scooters.

Nice little boats all the way down and when i got there it is such a beautiful little fishing town. Obviously i was way too late to catch the fishermen coming back with their catch for the day but i did get a couple of nice pictures of their boats docked.

A couple of late in the day fishermen.

So, I spent the day dodging the rain showers but it didnt matter that much because it was a really nice day out. I also managed to do something i dont think aby of my friends or family have ever done and that is swim in the South China Sea. It was amazingly warm, even when it was raining. No pictures from the beach out of respect for my white body. Maybe when i get a bit of a tan,,,, but only maybe. But it was really nice.

I noticed that the VN people go in the water fully dressed. Interesting but it works for them so thats cool.

The trip back was spent sat on the roof of the boat with a nice couple i met, the rain was lashing off our faces.

A one handed do it yourself picture, in the rain.

Life is still very good and i am amazed at just how friendly Vietnamese people are.

Even if they can say only one word of English they want to come up and say it. It could be something as simple as hello. Then they stand there beaming with pride at being able to use to their full capacity their command of the English language. Its pretty cool actually. When you answer, (Oh hello) they knew they succeeded and inadvertantly you just more or less made their day. I am begining to like more and more the simplicity of their ways.

Im loving it.

I am back in HCM now and am just about to have a shower to wash all this rain and sea water off then i think i will venture out into the evening.

I still didnt find the little man in the boat, maybe tomorrow.

By the way, I am saving a series of pictures that you will love i hope, I am saving it for a rainy day and then you can see them. Its worth waiting for. Very nice indeed.

Anyway,, flight tomorrow,, Da Nang then off to meet the tailors of Hoi Ahn

Various pictures..

River 1

River 1


River 2


Fishermen on a rock


Is that grass growing on that boat?


Harbour at Vung Tau


VT Harbour 2


VT Harbour 3


Bridge crossing River Saigon


Van, Thanh and me, on top of the boat getting lashed by the wind, seawater and rain. It was very nice.