So my dear blog followers, it starts now.

Well the trip started for me on Friday at 11:00 am Swedish time when my Limo driver, I usually call him Rickard and he usually calls me dad but just for the sake of making this story interesting and making me look flash we will call him my Limo driver.

Anyway my Limo driver got me up to Stockholm airport in plenty of time to catch the first of three flights. Brittish Airways, Stockholm to London.

Getting around airports is what i do best but i never really spent any time in Heathrow so it was kinda difficult to work out how to get from T5 to T4 but i did it and checked in for Qatar Airways to Doha.

With Brittish Airways you get what you get and there are no surprises but Qatar claims to be the worlds 5 star airline so it would be interesting to find out if it was a load of old bollocks or if it was trully a gem in the skies.

The first flight to Doha took 6.5 hours and the flight from Doha to Ho Chi Minh too 8.5 hours.

I can honestly say i have never been treated as nicely as i was on Qatar Airways both flights. Great food, spacious seats, very nice stewardesses and very clean and fresh planes.

Fly Qatar next time folks.

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh and it was a very humid atmospehere, kinda Miami ish just before the storms.

Passport control wasnt a problem, baggage too. Before i knew it I was on my way through the door to begin my trip to VN.

Taxi, taxi, taxi, the usual herd of hasslers and taxi drivers..

I picked one because he looked nice and he took me to the hotel in no time, $10, thank you very much. On the way I kinda found out that taxi isnt really the preffered mode of transport here. As you will see in the pictures below, its scooters and in abundance too.

If you have ever been to Amsterdam and seen all the bicycles, times that by 25 and your close to how many scooters are at any given junction at any given time.

The traffic on face value looks to be a bit chaotic with no order, no one paying attention to traffic signals and people just shooting into the line of another million scooters.


Scooters, and in abundance too.

But when you look closer, in the middle of all this chaos is some kind of unwritten order. It works. They all get where they are going and so far i have not seen one traffic jam.

Crossing the road if you are a pedestrian is a totally different trick

The hotel is great with really nice and spacious rooms and i think the location is ok.

Hotel Entrance

I was extremely tired so i just decided to venture just outside the hotel last night. Its nice to walk at night when there is less traffic and less people. Well thats not really the case in Ho Chi Minh, Its Vegas baby! It never sleeps.

Oops, a puncture.

I didnt walk far and ended up in my bed quicker than i had hoped but tomorrow was going to be a new day and a new day it was.

I was up with the lizards today and went walkabouts, yes its confirmed. The city is even more chatotic during the day, but the unwritten order in traffic still seems to work. Its funny to watch, it looks like there will be a mass pile up of scooters at any given moment but they just get around each other and carry on their little way without a care in the world.

On some of these scooters you can see 4 and 5 people on the same scooter. I even saw someone freighting massive boxes bigger than the actual scooter. Didnt get my camera out in time. One thing i will say is, the VN are very inventive. Its difficult to get a kiddies chair on a scooter, especially when you already have 2 other passengers.. Look at the (Honey, I fixed it) picture. Spot the kiddies chair.

Honey, i fixed it!

I was out today and took some random pictures. Its so humid and sticky but nice in some kind of South East Asian way.

I visited the Ho Chi Minh City museum which was  a little disappointing but worth a visit and i visited the reunification palace, formerly the Independence Palace, this is where the Vietnam war Officially ended. The palace was used by the President of the then South Vietnam when tank 390 crashed through its gates bringing the Vietnam war to an official end and reuniting the 2 Vietnams again. History in the making.

Reunification Palace

The palace without the gates.

Tank 390 with a rather touristy looking fellow in front of it.


Local food vendors sems to be everywhere, selling everything from noodle soup (Pho) to chewing gum.

Pho, shy street vendor, maybe i should ask next time before i just take the picture.

Street life is big here and there is a lot of activity surrpounding the street life.

I went to the Ben Than Market and got mobbed by about 20 people within being in the place a couple of seconds. All just trying to sell their wares and goods. Pushy but not obnoxious if you know what I mean.

The one thing that really strikes me here is how nice the people are, they smile at you, say hello and nod if they dont speak English. Its all very sweet.

I am back at the hotel just now and will venture out in an hour or so to see the river at night. Hopfully i will get some decent pictures.

Anyway I took some pictures today, not many it kinda takes me time to get into tourist mode.

As for Ho Chi Minh, so far i dont really know what to make of it but it seems to be a little too busy for me as it is now so i really cant wait to get out to the countryside and visit smaller towns and cities and taste a bit of the Vietnamese nature in a somewhat calmer enviroment.

By the way, Elvis is not dead, apparently he moved to Ho Chi Minh and has a nice little number in one of the many karaoke bars.

Elvis aint dead!

So, thats it for now. i have added a couple more random pictures below.

More later.

Boogedy, boogedy, boogedy, lets go racing.

Hello to you too.

Go Green!

Ho Chi Minh