Its the 23rd of May today and in less than a month I will be headed off to Vietnam in search of the little man in the boat.

To be honest “the little man in the boat” was more or less the only vison i had of Vietnam before i actually got interested in visiting the country. Ok sure there were the visions of the war and pictures from that era but i dont want to see Vietnam as a war and want to see it as a country. I have been reading a lot about the country and its history and it is just getting me more and more interested in getting there.

My trip will start in Ho Chi Minh City. I arrive the 18th June.

Ho Chi Minh memorial in Moscow.

Ha Long Bay

Hopefully, i will make it all the way north to close to the China border and my trip will end in the beautiful Ha Long bay.

I will be there 2 weeks and hope to be able to post some pictures and blogs here for anyone to follow.

Hopefully i will be able to visit the following places as well as HCM City and Ha Long bay on my trip. Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi and if time allows the Mekong delta.

So, I am pretty excited about it and have arranged my visa, started taking vaccinations. I hate needles.

I cant wait to try the local foods (vegies and fruits), with the exception of some of the finer delicate items you may find in “special” restaurants.

I booked my first three nights hotel in Ho Chi Minh, after that its anyones guess, I will just make it up as i am going along.

I kinda splurged out on the hotel (£20 a night, lol) because after such a log travel time i want to chill and relax a little and look at my options. The hotel has this really nice spa centre with massage (my back really needs one now) so guess what i will be doing my first night?

But before i get anywhere close to Vietnam i have a week in Derby Uk & a week in Madrid Spain. So i have a lot to keep me occupied before my trip.

I may post some pictures from Derby and Madrid. But its work not pleasure so dont expect any cool shit from museums and art galleries.